Digital Marketing Trend in 2017

The top rated digital marketing techniques for 2017.

Inbound digital marketing is a highly-strategic methodology of using marketing to bring the potential customers towards your campaign. It is all about publishing the informative content in the right channels at the right time to be relevant to the customers. The approach helps you increase the brand awareness, visibility and lead generation.

In this article, we have wrapped up 5 ways marketers can handle Inbound Digital marketing efficiently.

Long-tail keywords are phrases that are more specific and have a higher conversion value. Such keywords with high search volume helps in driving targeted traffic to your site. Search for a keyword that could help in earning profit from your audience then, create content around that keyword. And this way you will be able to rank your website better and generate more leads from it.

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[2] Invest in Social Media Ad Campaign

These days most of the social networks offer paid advertising options which make it relatively easier for the businesses to drive traffic to the website through inbound marketing. It is a great alternative for those who are starting from scratch as it helps them in reaching more number of people in a short span of time.

[3] Create Visual Content for Social Media

Creating social media visualizations can be very effectual for your marketing campaign. Photos and videos attract more visitors when compared to the text posts. There are plenty of free tools which let you create social media visuals. This is the most instant way to drive results from your inbound marketing tactics.

Which tools to use to create visual social media content?

·        Flaticon to get free access to PNG icons.

ColorZilla for optimal contrasting color.

·        Femmebot for finding out perfect font combinations.

·        Canva to create visual content.

·        Pexels for high resolution image.

·        Adobe Color CC for perfect color scheme.

[4] Offer Blog subscription on Landing Page

Create a landing page that is solely dedicated to generate blog subscribers as this is the most beneficent way to start marketing your blog. It is in a way more effective to have a landing page that directly takes the visitors to the blog page rather than directing them to scroll down and go left or right to visit it.

[5] Landing Page A/B Testing

By running an A/B test you yield better results that help you in improving your marketing strategy. While running an email marketing campaign or lead generation campaign always run A/B testing to see which one performs better and it also lets you generate better and more leads.

 A/B testing tools:

·        Unbounce

·        Adobe Target

·        Google Analytics

·        Optimizely

·        Visual Website Optimizer

So, start considering the above listed ways to tackle your Inbound marketing in a more efficient and better way.


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