Google search chief Amit Singhal resigns

Amit Singhal, senior vice president of search at Google, in Menlo Park, California.

Amit Singhal, senior vice president of search at Google, in Menlo Park, California.


• Amit Singhal, the longtime chief of Google’s internet search business has resigned
• John Giannandrea, currently a vice president of engineering, will replace Singhal
• The appointment of Giannandrea underlines the growing importance Silicon Valley is attaching to AI

Google parent Alphabet Inc said Amit Singhal, the longtime chief of its internet search business, will leave the company and be replaced by the head of the technology giant’s artificial intelligence business.

John Giannandrea, currently a vice president of engineering, will replace Singhal, a 15-year Google veteran, once he leaves on February 26.

“Search is stronger than ever, and will only get better in the hands of an outstanding set of senior leaders who are already running the show day-to-day,” Singhal wrote in a blog post.

The appointment of Giannandrea, who joined Google in 2010, underlines the growing importance Silicon Valley is attaching to artificial intelligence technology.

Giannandrea led Google’s machine learning efforts, applying the technology to products such as image recognition for Google Photos search and the smart reply for Google Inbox.

“Machine intelligence is crucial to our Search vision of building a truly intelligent assistant that connects our users to information and actions in the real world,”Google said in an emailed statement.

The importance of AI has been highlighted in moves by other prominent companies.

Elon Musk, Tesla Motors’ chief executive, and other prominent tech executives in December announced a $1 billion funding commitment to an AI non-profit.

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Who is Amit Singhal? 10 facts about the IITian who redeveloped and ran Google Search for 15 years?

Last night Amit Singhal announced that he was retiring from Google. Amit Singhal who? Well, those who keep an eye on Google know him fairly well. Although, he is not as well-known as Larry Page, Sergey Brin, and of late Sundar Pichai, he is probably the single-most important person inside Google.

The reason why he is such a big deal in Google is because he runs the company’s core search operations. This means, if you use Google Search, whether on the web or on mobile, you use the ideas and features implemented, maintained and conceived by Singhal’s team. He is the man, who for the last 15 years, has kept Google the best damn search engine in the world.

Want to know more about him? Here you go:

1- Amit Singhal is so important to Google that when he retired last night, Danny Sullivan, a long-time Google watcher and founder of Search Engine Blog, compared it to Jony Ive leaving Apple. Now we all know how important Jony Ive is for Apple.

2- Amit Singhal was born in Jhansi. He still visits his family, friends and relatives in India.

3- According to Singhal, he spent “most of my boyhood in the foothills of the Himalayas”.

4- Singhal finished his BS in computer sciences from IIT Roorkee in 1989. He then went to the US.

5- In the US, Singhal studied computer science at University of Minnesota before completing his PhD in computer science from Cornell University.

6- At Cornell, Singhal studied with Prof Gerard Salton. Singhal describes him as “one of the founders of the field of IR (information retrieval).

7- Singhal worked at AT&T’s Bell Labs before he was persuaded to join Google by his friend Krishna Bharat. He joined Google in 2000. Incidentally, Bharat was the person behind Google News.

8- Singhal famously re-wrote the original Google algorithm that was created earlier by Larry Page. He reportedly changed it completely to suit the existing challenges. This apparently impressed Larry Page so much that Singhal was put in charge of Google’s secret sauce — its search algorithm — and was tasked to keep it fresh and relevant.

9- Singhal is a big fan of Star Trek universe and wants to build technologies, such as virtual assistant that understands voice commands, used in the USS Enterprise.

10- When mobile phones started becoming popular, Singhal conceived and developed the idea of “search without searching”. This formed the core of Google Now, a feature on Android phones that provides information to users even before they search for it.

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